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[re-MISH-un] complete or partial disappearance of the signs and symptoms of cancer in response to treatment; the period during which a disease is under control. A remission may not be a cure.

When Cancer Doesn't Go Away

... need to start treatment again to get the cancer back into remission. ... recurrences,
often with shorter time periods in between remissions, can become ...


Treatment of children with acute myelogenous leukemia

... The chance of getting a second remission is better if the first remission lasted
for at least a year, but long-term second remissions are rare without a ...


Making treatment decisions

... Complete remissions may go on for years and over time be considered cures.
If the cancer returns, more treatment might lead to another remission. ...


Treatment of children with acute myeloid leukemia

... The chance of a second remission is better if the first one lasted for at least
a year, but long-term second remissions are rare without a stem cell ...


How is acute lymphocytic leukemia classified?

... this takes longer. Patients who don't achieve a complete remission at all
have a poorer outlook. ... Remission. A remission (complete ...


What if the leukemia doesn't respond or comes back after ...

... likely to work. A stem cell transplant may be tried if the leukemia can
be put into at least partial remission. Clinical trials of ...


Typical treatment of most types of acute myeloid leukemia ...

... Remission induction usually does not destroy all the leukemia cells, and a
small number often persist. ... Consolidation (post-remission therapy). ...


Words to describe cancer and its treatment

... Remissions can be partial or complete; but a complete remission means no
sign of cancer is found on tests, scans, and physical exam. ...


It's Not The End Of The Road For Lymphoma Vaccine

... follicular lymphoma were found to have longer remissions after chemotherapy
if ... their disease successfully treated and remain in remission for at ...


Treatment of children with acute lymphocytic leukemia

... Killing 99.9% of these leukemia cells during the 1-month induction treatment
is enough to achieve a remission, but it still leaves about 100 million ...