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[ret-n-oyds] vitamin A and synthetic (man-made) compounds similar to vitamin A.

Retinoid therapy for neuroblastoma

... Retinoids are chemicals that are related to vitamin A. They are known as ... In
children with high-risk neuroblastoma, treatment with a retinoid called 13 ...


Vitamin A, Retinoids, and Provitamin A Carotenoids

... Pharmacological doses of some synthetic retinoids can modulate both the
aryl hydrocarbon receptor and retinoid receptor pathways. J Nutr. ...


Treatment for specific types of skin lymphoma

... or combined systemic treatments (such as an oral retinoid plus interferon). ...
may be helpful in treating the disease, as may retinoids, such as ...


What's new in neuroblastoma research and treatment?

... Retinoids. ... Newer, potentially more effective retinoids, such as fenretinide,
are now being studied in clinical trials. Targeted drugs. ...


Whole-body (systemic) treatments for skin lymphomas

... Systemic retinoids. Retinoids ... problems. Some retinoids can cause more
serious side effects, like fluid buildup in the body. ...


Skin-directed treatments for skin lymphomas

... Topical retinoids: Retinoids are drugs related to vitamin A. They can affect
certain genes in lymphoma cells that cause them to grow or mature. ...


What's new in breast cancer research and treatment?

... Fenretinide, a retinoid, is also being studied as a way to reduce the risk of
breast cancer (retinoids are drugs related to vitamin A). In a small study ...


Local therapy for Kaposi sarcoma

... Topical retinoid treatment. This type of treatment puts medicine directly
on the lesion. For example, alitretinoin, a retinoid ...


What's new in research and treatment of basal and squamous ...

... Some of the most widely studied drugs so far are the retinoids, which are drugs
related to vitamin A. They have shown some promise in reducing ...