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a test that uses x-rays, magnets, sound waves, or radioisotopes to make images of internal body organs and structures. See also imaging tests, bone scan, brain scan, computed tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine scan, radioisotope, x-ray.

Computed tomography scan

... CT scans are most often done on an outpatient basis, so ... not keep you from
getting a CT scan, but extra ... can be taken if that area is to be scanned. ...


Nuclear scans

... of monoclonal antibodies in nuclear scans: A special ... examples of monoclonal
antibody scanning used to ... are the ProstaScint ® scan for prostate ...


CT Scans in Children Raise Risk of Cancer

... under age 22 who had a CT scan in British ... occur for every 10,000 head CT
scans in children ... The use of CT scanning has increased rapidly in the ...


How Dangerous Are CT Scans?

... the potential risk for a single CT scan in a ... volume of scanning, the frequency
of scanning and the ... large numbers of people who have had CT scans. ...


Could PET Scans Be Key To A New Cancer Treatment?

... Enter the PET scan meeting on Wednesday. ... was a comment on a slide that
PET scanning was based ... In PET scans, cancer cells have an abnormal ...


CT Scans and Cancer Risk: Been There, Done That

... old women who had head CT scans, there would ... in the future for every 8105
women who were scanned. ... old woman who needed a CT scan for a ...


CT Scans: A Better Way To Screen for Colon Cancer?

... these procedures were performed at a single center, and the CT scans were
interpreted by ... up treatment needed....I do have to have a cat scan in 3 ...


CT Scans Decrease Lung Cancer Death Rates, But Look ...

... designed to show whether or not low dose helical chest CT scans reduced
deaths ... to get either a single frontal chest x-ray or a lung scan every year ...


How is non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosed?

... biopsy, you remain on the CT scanning table while a ... CT scans are repeated
until the needle is within the ... Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. ...


How are Ewing tumors diagnosed?

... Often, an MRI scan is done to get a better look an abnormal area seen on an
x-ray. MRI scans usually can show if it is likely to be a tumor, an ...