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the search for disease, such as cancer, in people who do not have any symptoms. For example, screening tests for colon cancer include colonoscopy and the fecal occult blood test. Some of the same tests used for screening may also be used as diagnostic tests, which look for cancer in a person after there is some sign of a problem. For instance, a colonoscopy would be a diagnostic test if it was used in a person who had blood in the stool or symptoms of a blockage. See also colon, colonoscopy, fecal occult blood test.

Cancer Screening Tests

... men should no longer receive a PSA blood test to screen for prostate ... Prostate
cancer screening became common in the US in the early 1990s and ...



... with screening, we cannot ignore or forget those for whom screening for
colorectal ... was part of routine care, these men were screened regularly with ...


Cancer Screening Guidelines

... Stay Healthy » Find Cancer Early » Cancer Screening Guidelines. Share
this Page. Close. ... Cancer Screening Guidelines. ...


What Norway Tells Us About Screening Mammograms And ...

... screening mammogram program had a 28% reduction in deaths from breast
cancer in 1996-2005 as compared to women who were not screened ...


The Haunting Memories When Screening Doesn't Work

... screening may catch a polyp early before it becomes cancer or detect a cancer
when it is in its earlier stages. If we could get more people screened ...


Why We Screen for Some Cancers and Not Others

... cervical cancer may need to be screened more often ... Most people should begin
regular colon screening at age ... tests can be used to screen for colon ...


Colon Cancer Survivor Says Screening Saved his Life

... of colon cancer was a reason to talk to the doctor about getting screened early,
before age 50, which is when most people should start screening. ...


Cancer screening and early detection

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screening and early detection. ... Cancer screening and early detection. ...


Importance of colorectal cancer screening

... Several tests are used to screen for colorectal ... with their doctor about starting
screening when they ... younger and/or getting screened more frequently ...


Colorectal cancer screening tests

... Screening is the process of looking for cancer in people who have no symptoms
of the disease. Several different tests can be used to screen for ...