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[see-muhn] fluid released during male orgasm that contains sperm and seminal fluid. See also ejaculate, sperm.

Fertility and Men With Cancer

... Page 10. Another possible use of this technique is in young cancer patients
who cannot produce semen samples (for sperm banking) with the aid of ...


Preserving fertility in boys and teens with cancer

... Most boys have some sperm in their semen by about age 13. ... After puberty
starts, a doctor can check your son's semen to see if he is making sperm. ...


How cancer treatment can affect ejaculation

... But it usually paralyzes emission. When this happens, the prostate and seminal
vesicles cannot contract to mix the semen with the sperm cells. ...


La fertilidad en los hombres con cáncer

... También tiene Live: On at-home sperm donation kits que permite el banco
de semen por correo. Los kits se pueden ordenar en www.liveonkit.com. ...


Fertility and hormone concerns in boys and men with testicular ...

... Even when sperm counts in semen are very low, men have several
options for fathering children. One of these options ...


How a man's body works

... During ejaculation the mixture of fluid and sperm, called semen, comes out
of the tip of the penis. The drawing below shows the male sex organs. ...


To learn more

... Provides a list of fertility specialists and sperm banks, and information
on fertility risks, options, and research studies. Financial ...