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sentinel lymph node biopsy

[sen-tin-uhl] also called SLNB. A procedure that is used instead of routine lymph node dissection (removal) for some cancer types to look for cancer spread to nearby lymph nodes. Blue dye and/or a radioisotope is injected into or near the tumor during surgery, and the first (sentinel) node that picks up the dye is removed and examined. If the node does not contain cancer, other nodes probably do not need to be removed. See also biopsy, lymph node, lymph node dissection, radioisotope.

Surgery for breast cancer | American Cancer Society

... Surgery is also used to check the lymph nodes under the arm for cancer spread.
Options for this include a sentinel lymph node biopsy and an ...


Overview of biopsy types

... has been found, it's removed (an excisional biopsy) and looked ... If cancer cells
are found in the sentinel node, the rest of the lymph nodes in this ...


How is breast cancer staged? | American Cancer Society

... spread to 1 to 3 axillary lymph nodes and/or tiny amounts of cancer are found
in internal mammary lymph nodes on sentinel lymph node biopsy (N1 ...


How is Merkel cell carcinoma diagnosed?

... If the nearby lymph nodes look normal on physical exams and imaging
tests, a sentinel lymph node biopsy is likely to be done. ...


How is melanoma skin cancer diagnosed?

... such as being at least a certain thickness), a sentinel lymph node biopsy is
often done to see if it has spread to nearby lymph nodes, which in turn ...


Surgery for Merkel cell carcinoma

... If cancer is found in the nearby lymph nodes (on a sentinel lymph node biopsy
or another type of biopsy), a lymph node dissection is usually done. ...


How is breast cancer in men staged? | American Cancer ...

... spread to 1 to 3 axillary lymph nodes and/or tiny amounts of cancer are found
in internal mammary lymph nodes on sentinel lymph node biopsy (N1 ...


How are Merkel cell carcinomas staged?

... Many times this can happen without the lymph nodes becoming enlarged
(or otherwise abnormal), so a sentinel lymph node biopsy is an important ...


Surgery for breast cancer in men | American Cancer Society

... To lower the risk of lymphedema, the doctors may use a sentinel lymph node
biopsy (SLNB) procedure to check the lymph nodes for cancer. ...


Surgery for melanoma skin cancer

... If the lymph nodes are not enlarged, a sentinel lymph node biopsy may be
done, particularly if the melanoma is thicker than 1 mm. ...