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... Forty-three percent of Americans smoked prior to the Surgeon General's report;
18% smoke today. Smoking in airplanes, restaurants, and places of ...


Guide to Quitting Smoking

... making a plan; Dealing with smoking withdrawal; Staying smoke-free;
Special concerns after quitting smoking; To learn more; ...


Quit Smoking Books

... No matter how long you've smoked, Kicking Butts can ... children to make a healthy
choice and not smoke. ... Bee, who after years of smoking could no ...


Secondhand Smoke

... SHS causes lung cancer in people who have never smoked. ... Beliefs about
the health effects of “thirdhand” smoke and home smoking bans. ...


News By Topic

... the level of those who never smoked, according to ... Secondhand smoke is
dangerous in any amount, and ... that danger is to eliminate indoor smoking. ...


Stay Away from Tobacco | American Cancer Society

... If you have a friend or family member who's trying to quit, check out these helpful
suggestions. smoking cigarette 136x100. Secondhand Smoke. ...


Staying smoke-free | American Cancer Society

... Stay Healthy » Stay Away from Tobacco » Guide to Quitting Smoking »
Staying smoke-free. Share this Page. Close. Push ...


Smoking Habits Quiz

... you find it difficult to refrain from smoking in places ... The afternoon break-time
cigarette. The after-dinner smoke. The one smoked with friends in a bar. ...


How does smoking affect your health? | American Cancer ...

... Women have some unique risks linked to smoking. Women over 35 who smoke
and use birth control ... A woman who smokes is more likely to have ...


Other methods of quitting smoking | American Cancer Society

... not work. In fact, studies have shown that smokers who use filters tend
to smoke more. Smoking deterrents. Other methods ...