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the mature male reproductive cell that must combine with an egg (ovum) to make a baby. Males start making sperm in their testicles after puberty. See also ova.

Fertility and Men With Cancer

... adoption. Yet, most cancer survivors who want to adopt can do so. Collecting
sperm from urine Sometimes ... develop.) Donor sperm Using ...


To learn more

... Provides a list of fertility specialists and sperm banks, and information
on fertility risks, options, and research studies. Financial ...


Fertility and hormone concerns in boys and men with testicular ...

... Before treatment starts, men who might wish to father children may want
to consider storing sperm in a sperm bank for later use. ...


Do we know what causes gestational trophoblastic disease ...

... Normally, the sperm and egg cells each provide a set of 23 chromosomes
(bits of DNA that contain our genes) to create a cell with 46 chromosomes ...


Genes and Cancer

... Sperm and egg cells only contain half as many chromosomes (23). ... All the cells
in the body (except egg and sperm) contain the same genes. ...


Fertility and hormone concerns with testicular cancer

... returns after the cancer has been treated.) Before treatment starts, men who
might wish to father children should think about banking sperm for later ...