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[sfink-ter] a ring-like muscle that can open and close to control the passage of substances in the body. For example, the urethral sphincter squeezes the urethra shut and provides urinary control. Two of these muscles in the anus, the external and internal anal sphincters, control when stool (feces) leaves the body. See also anus, urethra.

Treatment of anal cancer, by stage | American Cancer Society

... Surgery (local resection) can be used to remove some small tumors (usually
less than 1 centimeter or ½ inch) that do not involve the sphincter. ...


Cancer Glossary

... sphincter squeezes the urethra shut and provides urinary control. Two of these
muscles in the anus, the external and internal anal sphincters, ...


What is cancer of the esophagus?

... food or liquid coming toward it. This muscle is called the upper
esophageal sphincter. The lower part of the esophagus ...


Cancer Glossary

... urodynamic study Search [yur-o-die-NAM-ick]. test to evaluate function of the
bladder muscle and sphincters. See also bladder, sphincter. ...


What's new in anal cancer research and treatment?| American ...

... For instance, studies are now looking at implanting an artificial bowel sphincter
in people who have an extensive type of surgery known as ...


Surgery for anal cancer | American Cancer Society

... lymph nodes. In most cases, local resection preserves the sphincter
(the muscular ring that opens and closes the anus). This ...


How is prostate cancer staged?

... T4: The cancer has grown into tissues next to your prostate (other than the
seminal vesicles), such as the urethral sphincter (muscle that helps ...


Ileostomy: A Guide

... As the stool enters the rectum, we feel the need to have a bowel movement.
The anal sphincter muscle is like a valve that allows us to control this. ...


Surgery for colorectal cancer

... II or III rectal cancers in the lower third of the rectum (the part nearest to the
anus), especially if the cancer is growing into the sphincter muscle (the ...


Managing Incontinence for Men With Cancer

... the penis. The muscle that squeezes to close it is called the urethral
sphincter (yoo-ree-thrul sfink-ter). Stress incontinence ...