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standard therapy

also called conventional treatment or mainstream treatment. The most commonly used and most widely accepted form of treatment, which has usually been tested and proven. See also clinical trials, therapy.

Targeted therapies for non-small cell lung cancer

... Targeted therapies for non-small cell lung cancer. ... some doctors may add it
to standard chemotherapy as ... drugs, see our document Targeted Therapy ...


Radiation therapy for breast cancer

... at least equal to the current, standard breast irradiation, but few studies have
compared these new methods directly to standard radiation therapy. ...


Cancer Glossary

... Some complementary therapies may help relieve certain symptoms of cancer,
relieve side effects of standard cancer therapy, or improve a patient's ...


Targeted therapy for liver cancer

... Because standard chemotherapy has not been effective ... been looking at targeted
therapies more ... More information about targeted therapy drugs can ...


Targeted therapies for chronic myeloid leukemia

... parts of cancer cells have become the standard treatment option for many
people with cancer. These drugs are often called targeted therapies. ...


Targeted therapies for kidney cancer | American Cancer ...

... Biologic therapy (immunotherapy) for kidney cancer. Targeted therapies for
kidney cancer. ... drugs are different from standard chemotherapy drugs. ...


Targeted therapy for oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer

... be combined with radiation therapy for some earlier stage cancers. For more
advanced cancers, it may be combined with standard chemo drugs ...


Targeted therapies for chronic myeloid leukemia

... Targeted therapies for chronic myeloid leukemia. ... it quickly became the standard
treatment for ... General information about targeted therapy can be ...


Complementary and alternative therapies for liver cancer

... If you want to use a non-standard treatment, learn all you can about ... To learn
more about specific complementary and alternative therapies go to our ...


Complementary and alternative therapies for oral cavity and ...

... What exactly are complementary and alternative therapies? ... most cases is that
you may lose the chance to be helped by standard medical treatment ...