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stress incontinence

passing a small amount of urine when coughing, laughing, sneezing, or exercising. Compare to overflow incontinence, urge incontinence.

Managing Incontinence for Men With Cancer

... Going to the bathroom more often is a way to handle stress incontinence.
Overflow incontinence. When ... Urge incontinence. Urge ...


Cancer Glossary

... partial or complete loss of urine control. See also overflow incontinence,
stress incontinence, urge incontinence. urinary ...


Surgery for prostate cancer

... Men with stress incontinence leak urine when they cough, laugh, sneeze, or
exercise. ... Men with urge incontinence have a sudden need to go to the ...


Cancer Glossary

... narrowing of the bladder outlet, such as from cancer or scar tissue.
Compare with stress incontinence, urge incontinence. ...


Cancer Glossary

... stress incontinence Search. passing a small amount of urine when coughing,
laughing ... Compare to overflow incontinence, urge incontinence. ...


The Prostate Cancer Quandary

... 11 years later I have been recurrence free. I have some minor stress
incontinence, which is not very different than what I had before surgery. ...


How cancer treatment can affect ejaculation

... It's more common in men who also have stress incontinence. (Men with stress
incontinence leak urine when they cough, laugh, sneeze, or exercise. ...



... biofeedback can reduce stress and muscle tension from a number of causes.
It can promote relaxation, help correct urinary incontinence, and treat ...


Fourteen-year Survivor Focuses on 'What Went Right'

... He still struggles with some incontinence, but says overall he's “doing
well.”. He stresses the importance of his church family. ...


Prostate Cancer Overview

... Problems controlling urine (incontinence) occur less often ... that are used along
with regular treatment are meditation to reduce stress, acupuncture to ...