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[sur-jun] a doctor who repairs or removes parts of the body during operations.

Surgery for breast cancer

... If the surgeon can't remove enough breast tissue to ... removed is too small and
more surgery may be ... Surgeons can disagree on what is an adequate ...



... Understanding Cancer Surgery: A Guide for Patients and Families. ...
Now you may have questions about cancer surgery. ...


The Landmark Surgeon General Report on Smoking and ...

... The American Cancer Society. The Landmark Surgeon General Report on
Smoking and Health, 50 Years Later. January 15, 2014 ...


Surgery for colorectal cancer

... and into the rectum, allowing the surgeon to do ... as it requires special equipment
and surgeons with special ... rectum so that after the surgery, you will ...


Evolution of cancer treatments: Surgery

... There were great surgeons before the discovery of ... lasting acclaim for their
swift and precise surgery. ... known as “the century of the surgeon.”. ...


Surgery for stomach cancer

... that you talk to your doctor before surgery about what ... Some surgeons try to
leave behind as much of ... Again, it's important that your surgeon be very ...


Surgery for prostate cancer

... for you, be sure to find a surgeon with a lot of ... Most large cancer centers, where
prostate surgery is done more often and surgeons have more ...


Liver cancer surgery

... Surgery is not typically an option for patients in class C ... is a major, serious
operation that should only be done by skilled and experienced surgeons. ...


Surgery for cervical cancers and pre-cancers

... with special tools to help the surgeon see better and with instruments that are
controlled by the surgeon. This is called robotic-assisted surgery. ...