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surgical biopsy

also called open surgical biopsy. Removal of tissues using open surgery so that they can be looked at under a microscope to find out if they contain cancer cells. Biopsies may also be done laparoscopically, or with thin needles. See also biopsy, fine needle aspiration biopsy, laparoscope.

Biopsy and surgery: How they work together

... For many years, an open surgical biopsy was the standard way ... advances in
breast imaging and needle biopsy techniques, surgery is no ...


Types of biopsy procedures

... Most doctors will first try to figure out the cause of a breast change by doing
a needle biopsy, but in some cases a surgical biopsy may be needed. ...


Surgery to diagnose and stage cancer

... Some biopsies may need to be done during surgery. ... Fine needle aspiration
biopsy. ... there's no need to cut the skin, so there's no surgical incision. ...


Surgery for Merkel cell carcinoma

... Sentinel lymph node biopsy is less ... to help it heal and look better after surgery.
Other reconstructive surgical procedures can also be helpful in some ...


Surgery for melanoma skin cancer

... pain from the surgery itself, is a main reason why lymph node dissection is
not done unless it is necessary. Sentinel lymph node biopsy, however, is ...


Surgery for breast cancer in men

... should only be done by a surgical team experienced ... thinking about having
this type of biopsy, ask your ... side effects of lymph node surgery: As with ...


Does surgery cause cancer to spread?

... surgery are very careful to avoid these situations. The chances that using a
small needle to remove a piece of the tissue (called a needle biopsy) ...


Surgery for rhabdomyosarcoma

... (For a description of biopsy types, see “How is rhabdomyosarcoma diagnosed?”).
Before any surgery, someone from the surgical team will talk with ...


For Women Facing a Breast Biopsy

... For many years, an open surgical biopsy was the standard way ... advances in
breast imaging and needle biopsy techniques, surgery is no ...