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surgical margin

edge of the tissue removed during surgery. A negative surgical margin means that no cancer cells were found on the outer edge of the removed tissue, and is considered a sign that none of the cancerous mass was left behind. A positive surgical margin means that cancer cells are found at the outer edge of the tissue removed and is usually a sign that some cancer remains in the body. Sometimes the actual edge looks clear but the cancer cells are very close to the edge, called a narrow surgical margin. With certain aggressive types of cancer, a narrow margin is reason enough for another surgery to remove more tissue.

Surgery for melanoma skin cancer

... This fairly minor surgery will cure most thin melanomas. ... of the cancer is referred
to as the margin. ... The margins are wider because the diagnosis is ...


Surgery for soft tissue sarcomas

... margins. The sarcoma has much less chance of coming back after
surgery if it is removed with clear margins. When the ...


Surgery for Merkel cell carcinoma

... the edges of the cancer is called the margin. ... help it heal and look better after
surgery. Other reconstructive surgical procedures can also be helpful ...


Surgery for Ewing tumors

... very important that the biopsy and surgical treatment be ... The main goal of surgery
is to remove all ... removed tissue to see if the margins (outer edges ...


Surgery for cancer of the vulva (vulvectomy)

... The most extensive surgery is called a radical vulvectomy, which is rarely ever
done. ... to remove the entire vulva to get a clear margin around the ...


Surgery for bone cancer

... The biopsy and the surgical treatment are separate ... After surgery, a pathologist
will look at the tissue ... microscope to see if the margins (outer edges ...


Surgery for osteosarcoma | American Cancer Society

... it's very important that the biopsy and surgical treatment be ... The main goal of
surgery is to remove all ... a microscope to see if the margins (outer edges ...


Surgery for breast cancer

... in the tissue removed with surgery, the surgeon may ... breast tissue to get clear
surgical margins, a mastectomy ... from the tumor to the margin is also ...


Surgery for nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancers ...

... are also close by, making surgical planning and ... said to be “positive.” Positive
margins make it ... further treatment, such as more surgery or radiation. ...


Surgery for cervical cancer

... pre-cancer) cells (called positive margins), some cancer ... This is surgery to
remove the uterus (both ... uterus is removed through a surgical incision in ...