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survival rate

the percentage of people still alive within a certain period of time after diagnosis. For cancer, a 5-year survival rate is often given. This does not mean that people can’t live more than 5 years, nor does it mean that those who live for 5 years are permanently cured (although some might be). See also five-year survival rate, five-year relative survival rate.

Survival rates for prostate cancer

... Survival rates by stage. ... Cancer Institute (NCI) maintains a large national
database on survival statistics for different ... 5-year relative survival rate. local. ...


What are the survival rates for colorectal cancer by stage?

... These are observed survival rates. ... Stage. 5-year Observed Survival Rate. I.
74%. IIA. 65%. IIB. ... 45%*. IIIC. 33%. IV. 6%. *In this study, survival was better ...


Survival rates for selected adult brain and spinal cord tumors ...

... Some people want to know the statistics for people in ... 5-Year Relative Survival
Rate. Age. ... taking these other factors into account, survival rates are at ...


What are the survival rates for melanoma skin cancer by stage ...

... These are observed survival rates. ... The survival rate is higher ... is uncommon
among African Americans, but when it does occur, survival times tend ...


Survival rates for colorectal cancer

... The reasons for this are not clear. Survival rates for rectal cancer by stage.
Stage. 5-Year Observed Survival Rate. I. ... In this study, survival was better ...


Survival statistics for bone cancer

... The 5-year survival rate refers to the ... Survival rates are often based on previous
outcomes of ... (Survival statistics for Ewing tumors and osteosarcoma ...


Breast cancer survival rates by stage

... The available statistics do not divide survival rates by all of ... The rates below
come from the National Cancer Institute's ... 5-year Relative Survival Rate. ...


Survival rates for liver cancer

... not want to read about the survival statistics for liver ... In general, survival rates
are higher for people who ... liver transplant, the 5-year survival rate is in ...


Survival rates for cancer of the esophagus by stage

... Stage 0 cancers are not included in these statistics. ... 5-Year Relative Survival
Rate. ... when taking these other factors into account, survival rates are at ...


Testicular cancer survival rates

... The SEER database does not divide survival rates by AJCC ... 5-Year Relative
Survival Rate. ... of diagnosis can affect the chances of long-term survival. ...