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not generally used as a medical term, survivor can have different meanings when applied to people with cancer. Some people use the word to refer to anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer. For example, someone living with cancer may be considered a survivor. Some people use the term to refer to someone who has completed cancer treatment. Others call a person a survivor if he or she has lived several years past a cancer diagnosis. The American Cancer Society believes that each person has the right to define his or her own experience with cancer and considers a cancer survivor to be anyone who describes himself or herself this way, from diagnosis throughout the rest of his or her life.

For Breast Cancer Survivors, Life is Better With Yoga

... For Breast Cancer Survivors, Life is Better With Yoga. Article date: October
6, 2014. By Stacy Simon. Research has long shown ...


Survivor of Adolescent Cancer Takes Nothing for Granted

... awards for Volunteer of the Year and Clark County Survivor of the ... DC to ask
them to vote for legislation that supports cancer patients and survivors. ...


Ewing Sarcoma Survivor Has Big Dreams

... Ewing Sarcoma Survivor Has Big Dreams. ... For Life, the American Cancer
Society's annual community event to celebrate cancer survivors and raise ...


Lung Cancer Survivor Finds Support Amid Challenges

... Some of the cancer survivors Langschied met on WhatNext showered her ... An
11-year lung cancer survivor recommended she contact the Indiana ...


Survivors: Words of Inspiration

... Each and every survivor (and we are all survivors from the day of
diagnosis) will have a unique walk down the cancer path. ...



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Awareness Is About More Than Mammograms: What You Need To Know. ...


Mother of Survivor: 'Childhood Cancer is Forever'

... Stories of Hope. + -Text Size. Mother of Survivor: 'Childhood Cancer is Forever'.
Article date: August 7, 2014. "I'm grateful for today. ...


Leukemia Now a Distant Memory for Young Survivor

... Stories of Hope. + -Text Size. Leukemia Now a Distant Memory for Young
Survivor. Article date: October 19, 2010. ... Thankful to be a survivor. ...


Report: Number of Cancer Survivors Continues to Grow

... child cancer survivors ages 0-14 years and 48,690 adolescent survivors ages
15-19 ... to recovery; and how to safeguard health as a cancer survivor. ...


Cancer Survivors: Words of Inspiration

... Stories of Hope. + -Text Size. Cancer Survivors: Words of Inspiration. ... But one
thing most survivors say is that their life after the cancer is not the same. ...