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not generally used as a medical term, survivor can have different meanings when applied to people with cancer. Some people use the word to refer to anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer. For example, someone living with cancer may be considered a survivor. Some people use the term to refer to someone who has completed cancer treatment. Others call a person a survivor if he or she has lived several years past a cancer diagnosis. The American Cancer Society believes that each person has the right to define his or her own experience with cancer and considers a cancer survivor to be anyone who describes himself or herself this way, from diagnosis throughout the rest of his or her life.

The key to good care for cancer survivors

... like they can manage follow up for all the needs of stable cancer survivors. ...
care plan A solution to this problem is the cancer survivor summary of ...


New healthy living guidelines for cancer survivors

... 3 millio...Cancer Survivors: Make Changes for Long-term Health GainsBy
Corinne Leach, MPH, MS, PhDIf you are a cancer survivor, whether you ...


Survivor Advocate Program

Survivor Advocate Program - CLOSED! The Survivor ... gained. Individuals
accepted to the Survivor Advocate Program. Ruth ...


Workshops Help Survivors Cope During and After Cancer ...

... the National Cancer Institute and LIVESTRONG and offers cancer survivors,
their families ... Richard Dickens, MSW, Survivor Perspective, Clinical ...


Ovarian Cancer Survivor Finds Hope in Clinical Trial

... with others. She's involved in the Cancer Survivors Network and Relay
For Life and regularly attends survivor meetings. ...


Colon Cancer Survivor Says Screening Saved his Life

... Colon Cancer Survivor Says Screening Saved his Life. ... has been at Relay every
year since, telling his story and walking the survivors' lap, and with ...


Cancer Survivors and Caregivers Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

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and Caregivers Climb Mt. ... Cancer Survivors and Caregivers Climb Mt. ...


Male Breast Cancer Survivor Is Former Caregiver

... More than 3.5 million cancer survivors and supporters nationwide band together
each ... “For the first time, I actually walked as a survivor instead of as ...


Cancer Survivors: Make Changes for Long-term Health Gains

... survivor, whether you're currently in treatment or completed treatment long
ago, you are far from alone. The estimated number of cancer survivors in ...


Soft Tissue Sarcoma Survivor Becomes World-Class Athlete

... Stories of Hope. + -Text Size. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Survivor Becomes
World-Class Athlete. Article date: November 1, 2012. ...