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the state of being a cancer survivor, that is, having been diagnosed with cancer. See also survivor.

Survivorship: During and After Treatment

... other survivors. Survivor at Relay hugging a Volunteer. National Cancer
Survivorship Resource Center. The National Cancer ...



... celebrate National Cancer Survivor Day on the 7th, but the Society is also
co-hosting the 6 th Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference ...


Survival and Treatment Research l American Cancer Society

... Text Size. Treatment and Survivorship Research. The American ... Society.
Survivorship and Quality of Life Research. Thanks ...


Mother of Survivor: 'Childhood Cancer is Forever'

... Find Support & Treatment » Survivorship: During and After Treatment » Stories
of Hope » Mother of Survivor: 'Childhood Cancer is Forever'. ...


Esophageal Cancer Survivor Moving Forward

... Find Support & Treatment » Survivorship: During and After Treatment » Stories
of Hope » Esophageal Cancer Survivor Moving Forward. ...


Survivor of Adolescent Cancer Takes Nothing for Granted

... Find Support & Treatment » Survivorship: During and After Treatment » Stories
of Hope » Survivor of Adolescent Cancer Takes Nothing for Granted. ...


Survivorship Care Plans

... a national group of nursing, social work, and survivor organizations, and ... Society,
the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, American Journal ...


Cancer Treatment| Survivor Facts & Figures| American Cancer ...

... Text Size. Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures. The number
of Americans with a history of cancer is growing ...


Advancement of cancer survivorship | American Cancer ...

... Advancement of cancer survivorship. ... once a word that people were afraid to
speak in public, and people rarely admitted to being a cancer survivor. ...


National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center

... Advocacy Community. Cancer survivorship care resources for policy makers,
decision-makers and cancer survivor advocates. ...