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the state of being a cancer survivor, that is, having been diagnosed with cancer. See also survivor.

Survivorship: During and After Treatment

... other survivors. Survivor at Relay hugging a Volunteer. National Cancer
Survivorship Resource Center. The National Cancer ...



... celebrate National Cancer Survivor Day on the 7th, but the Society is also
co-hosting the 6 th Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference ...


Survival and Treatment Research l American Cancer Society

... Text Size. Treatment and Survivorship Research. The American ... Society.
Survivorship and Quality of Life Research. Thanks ...


Lymphoma Survivor: 'The World is so Kind'

... Find Support & Treatment » Survivorship: During and After Treatment » Stories
of Hope » Lymphoma Survivor: 'The World is so Kind'. ...


Breast Cancer Survivor Stays Fit With Tai Chi and Qi Gong

... Find Support & Treatment » Survivorship: During and After Treatment » Stories
of Hope » Breast Cancer Survivor Stays Fit With Tai Chi and Qi ...


Survivorship Care Plans

... a national group of nursing, social work, and survivor organizations, and ... Society,
the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, American Journal ...


Cancer Treatment| Survivor Facts & Figures| American Cancer ...

... Text Size. Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures. The number
of Americans with a history of cancer is growing ...


Advancement of cancer survivorship | American Cancer ...

... Advancement of cancer survivorship. ... once a word that people were afraid to
speak in public, and people rarely admitted to being a cancer survivor. ...


The Survivorship Net | American Cancer Society

... of a man on a high-wire and his need for a safety (survivorship) net! ... A survivor
of testicular cancer, he is also the founder and chairman of the Lance ...


National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center

... Advocacy Community. Cancer survivorship care resources for policy makers,
decision-makers and cancer survivor advocates. ...