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[tes-toss-ter-own] called the male hormone, it is made mostly in the testicles. It stimulates blood flow, growth in certain tissues, and secondary sexual characteristics. In men with prostate cancer, it can also make the tumor grow. See also hormone, prostate, testicles.

Can testosterone restore sexual functioning?

If you've had cancer think you might have low testosterone, it's important to
talk to your doctor. ... Can testosterone restore sexual functioning? ...


Hormone (androgen deprivation) therapy for prostate cancer

... The main androgens are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). ... Some
lower the levels of testosterone or other androgens (male hormones). ...


Hormone therapy for prostate cancer

... goal of hormone therapy (also called androgen deprivation) is to lower the
levels of the male hormones (androgens), such as testosterone, or to ...


How the male body works sexually

... During the teenage years and afterward, the testes (testicles) produce a steady
supply of hormones – mostly testosterone. ... The role of testosterone. ...


Sex and Men With Cancer: Overview

... How a man's body works Hormones During and after the teen years, the
testicles make a steady supply of hormones, mostly testosterone. ...


Cancer Glossary

... A hormone made by the pituitary that stimulates the testicles to make
testosterone in men and the ovaries to make estrogen in women. ...


FDA Approves New Drug for Advanced Prostate Cancer

... receptor antagonists. These drugs block the body's production of
testosterone, which slows prostate cancer growth. The ...


Hormone treatment and sex

... This is called hormone treatment or hormone therapy. It starves the cancer
cells of testosterone, which helps slow the cancer's growth. ...