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[tock-sis-i-tee] in medical treatment, the harmful effects of a medicine or treatment, especially at higher doses. Can also refer to the effects of poisons or other non-medical substances.

From The ASCO Meeting In Chicago: A Focus On Cost, Value ...

... Patients are going bankrupt and some of the drugs are quite toxic or don't ... side
effects does it have, and what is its "financial toxicity" (the lecturer's ...


Cardiovascular health: high priority for cancer survivors

... Diverse problem: true incidence difficult to obtain cardiovascular toxicity in
survivors 2012 JM Brell ... Negating the influence of cancer therapy toxicity ...



... However, the amount and type of germanium naturally found in foods
do not appear to be toxic. How is it promoted for use? ...


MediaRoom - Press Releases

... Press Releases. Press Releases. Milk Thistle Protects Cancer Patients
from Chemotherapy-Associated Liver Toxicity. A new ...


Common misconceptions about dietary supplements

... so far. In fact, large doses of some vitamins or minerals have been
shown to be dangerous and even toxic. For example ...


Please Note: Reference to material from the following ...

... Can we identify those older patients who are at high risk of acute toxicity? ... We
know that GA can help: – Identify patients at most risk for toxicity ...



... It is not considered safe for internal use due to toxic effects on the
liver. There are several varieties of comfrey, some of ...


Oleander Leaf

... Abstract 1328. Langford SD, Boor PJ. Oleander toxicity: examination of human
and animal toxic exposures. Toxicology. 1996;109:1-13. ...



... Swain et al., Cancer, 2003 Risk of clinical anthracycline cardiac toxicity in
proportion to cumulative exposure ... therapies with known toxicity, and help ...



... Thoroughly cooking the plant reduces its toxicity. ... Animals can also die of toxic
effects from eating pokeweed, although it does not happen often. ...