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urinary frequency

[yur-uh-nair-ee] the need to urinate (pass urine) often.

Cancer Glossary

... bladder becomes too sensitive to stretching when full of urine. Compare to
stress incontinence, overflow incontinence. urinary frequency Search [yur ...


A Step Forward In Finding Ovarian Cancer Early

... These symptoms, such as difficulty eating, bloating, urinary frequency and
vague abdominal discomfort are common and frequently dismissed or ...


State of Science Fact Sheet - Ovarian Cancer

... bloating (due to a mass or ascites), pelvic pressure or abdominal pain, trouble
eating or feeling full quickly, and/or urinary urgency and frequency. ...


Prostate Cancer

... The major possible side effects of radical prostatectomy are urinary incontinence
(being unable to control urine) and impotence (being unable to ...


Caring for the Patient With Cancer at Home: A Guide for ...

... or bladder stones, a tumor growing in the urinary tract, or ... Has pink, cloudy,
or foul-smelling urine ... Keep track of the amount and frequency of bowel ...


To Screen Or Not To Screen: The Prostate Cancer Dilemma

... in several centers in several countries, and that the frequency of PSA ... problems
that are not insignificant such as incontinence of urine, difficulty with ...


Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures 2012-2013

... Special concerns of urinary bladder cancer survivors: Given ... They may also
cause the urine to change ... and sup- port, and the frequency of meetings ...


Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans 2013-2014

... Urinary bladder 37 ... Later stage at diagnosis among African American women
has been largely attributed to lower frequency of and longer intervals ...


January 2006

... down the aisle and sitting down in front of a urine sample or ... We have an
increasing frequency of skin cancers, including melanomas which are the ...


Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures: 2014-2015

... include newer tests for markers such as NMP22 in the urine. ... Patients undergoing
cystectomy require urinary diversion with either the construction ...