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urinary hesitancy

[yur-uh-nair-ee] being unable to start the stream of urine right away.

Cancer Glossary

... urinary frequency Search [yur-uh-nair-ee]. the need to urinate (pass urine)
often. urinary hesitancy Search [yur-uh-nair-ee]. being unable to start the ...


Cancer Glossary

... hematuria Search [he-muh-TUR-ee-uh]. blood in the urine. ... See also gene,
prostate. hesitancy Search. see urinary hesitancy. ...


Annual report to the Nation on the Status of cancer, 1975 ...

... Among women, incidence rates decreased from 2000 to 2009 for seven of
the 18 most common cancers: lung, colorectal, urinary bladder (bladder ...