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urinary incontinence

[yur-uh-nair-ee in-kon-tin-ens] partial or complete loss of urine control. See also overflow incontinence, stress incontinence, urge incontinence.

Managing Incontinence for Men With Cancer

When you lose control of your urine or have leaking or dribbling, it's called
urinary incontinence. ... Urinary incontinence might only last a short time. ...


Surgery for prostate cancer

... The major possible side effects of radical prostatectomy are urinary incontinence
(being unable to control urine) and impotence (being unable to ...


Cancer Glossary

... right away. urinary incontinence Search [yur-uh-nair-ee in-kon-tin-ens].
partial or complete loss of urine control. See also ...


Surgery for prostate cancer

... Urinary incontinence: Incontinence means you can't control your urine
or you have trouble with leaking. Having this problem ...



... causes. It can promote relaxation, help correct urinary incontinence,
and treat migraines and less serious headaches. It ...


Study: Robotic Surgery Does Not Lessen Common Side ...

... along with the prostate. However, the surgery can cause side effects
that include sexual problems and urinary incontinence. ...


Cancer Glossary

... pelvis. These exercises may help men and women with certain forms
of urinary incontinence. See also urinary incontinence. ...


Cancer Glossary

... See also urinary incontinence. indigent Search [in-dij-ent]. not having enough
money to meet one's needs. infertility Search. also called sterility. ...


Radiation therapy for prostate cancer

... About 1 man out of 3 continues to need to urinate more often. Urinary
incontinence: Overall, this side effect is less common than after surgery. ...