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[YUR-uh-nate] to release urine from the bladder. See also bladder.

Blood in urine

... discolored urine; Has pain in lower back or on lower sides of back when
urinating; ... Has a sudden, urgent need to urinate; Urinates more often ...


Tumor markers found in blood or urine

... Tumor markers found on the cancer itself. Tumor markers found in blood or
urine. ... BTA is found in the urine of many patients with bladder cancer. ...


New Urine Test Helps Find Bladder Cancer Recurrences

... New Urine Test Helps Find Bladder Cancer Recurrences. ... Before having
cystoscopy, each patient gave a urine sample. ...


Cancer Glossary

... Compare to stress incontinence, overflow incontinence. urinary frequency
Search [yur-uh-nair-ee]. the need to urinate (pass urine) often. ...


Managing Incontinence for Men With Cancer

... may get strong enough to control urination (yur-in-a ... bathroom, taking a long
time to urinate, or having ... You may pass small amounts of urine but not ...


How is bladder cancer found?

... But blood in the urine does not mean you have bladder cancer ... Having to urinate
more often, feeling pain or burning when going, or feeling as if you ...


Can bladder cancer be found early?

... Tests that might be used to screen for bladder cancer. Screening tests for
bladder cancer look for different substances or cancer cells in the urine. ...



... Urotherapy. Other common name(s): autourotherapy, urine therapy, urea
therapy. ... One is that urine can stimulate the body's immune system. ...


Surgery for bladder cancer

... Neobladder: A newer method routes the urine back into the urethra,
restoring urination. ... This lets the patient urinate normally. ...