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The Prostate Cancer Quandary

... Another very wise urologist, Dr. Paul Shellhammer, once used the words of
Whitmore to further explain that we know there are two kinds of prostate ...


Natural Spokesman for Prostate Cancer Awareness

... A week following the exam, his doctor told him, "Mr. Sias, I think you should
see a urologist. ... He responded quickly: "What's a urologist? ...


A Numbers Expert Shares His Experience with Prostate ...

... numbers. Several years earlier, his family practice doctor had referred
him to a urologist after noticing swelling in one testicle. ...


How is bladder cancer diagnosed?

... your doctor will probably do lab tests such as a urinalysis (see “Can bladder
cancer be found early?”) and might refer you to a urologist (a doctor ...


17-Year Prostate Cancer Survivor Feels Great

... Wesley learned of the diagnosis in his urologist's office. “He said, 'You have
a prostate cancer diagnosis.' I didn't remember another word. ...


Taking Advantage of a Second Chance

... Tutwiler says. Tutwiler took his physician's advice and consulted a
urologist, who recommended a biopsy. The procedure ...


Prostate Cancer Survivor Finds the 'Hope' in Hope Lodge

... too much. He was convinced a consultation with a urologist would reveal
some mistake with the original test results. "I thought ...


Fourteen-year Survivor Focuses on 'What Went Right'

... It had been 15 years since I had had one,” Chalk recalls. “The doctor said my
blood work looked suspicious and referred me to a urologist.”. ...


New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines

... number of years, however, there has been a lot of discussion about the true
“normal” level of PSA which requires further evaluation by a urologist. ...


Finding professional help for sexual problems during and after ...

... Other specialists. A man with sexual problems may choose to see a urologist
first. This is a medical doctor trained in diseases of the male genitals. ...