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[vack-seen] a modified version of a germ or other substance related to a disease, usually given by injection (a shot). It is used to stimulate the immune system to resist that disease for a period of time, or even permanently. For instance, the HPV vaccines help prevent cancer by helping the body fight human papilloma virus (HPV), which can cause many types of cancer. Research continues into vaccines to help a person who has cancer, with recent progress in prostate cancer treatment.

Adults Need Vaccines, Too

... patients should receive the influenza vaccine at least two ... to increase the immune
response to the vaccination. ... Other important vaccines for adults. ...



... Syncope after vaccination is not a new problem with ... the number of reports
for this vaccine compared to ... rate seen for all other vaccines combined. ...


Vaccine treatment for prostate cancer

... Unlike traditional vaccines, which boost the body's immune system to prevent
infectious diseases, this vaccine boosts the immune system to get it to ...


Smallpox Vaccine and Cancer

... Smallpox Vaccine and Cancer. ... Learn about the smallpox vaccine and the
risks it might pose to someone being treated for cancer. ...


The HPV vaccine: 3 shots of prevention

... yet this is precisely when the vaccine will be ... about safety; the HPV vaccines
are extremely ... the manufacturer, to require HPV vaccination for middle ...


American Cancer Society Recommendations for Human ...

... HPV vaccination is also recommended for females 13 to ... old who have not
started the vaccines, or who ... 26 years should get the vaccine should be ...


HPV Vaccines

... What is HPV? Can a vaccine help prevent HPV? Are the HPV vaccines safe?
Who should be vaccinated against HPV and when? ...


Cancer vaccines

... Cancer vaccines cause the immune system to attack cells with one or more ...
has special cells for memory, it's hoped that the vaccine might continue ...


Vaccine treatment for prostate cancer

... Most vaccines are designed to prevent diseases, but this vaccine is
aimed at treating prostate cancer, not preventing it. ...


Vaccines during cancer treatment

... them, only should get inactivated polio virus vaccines. ... and exceptions on how
this vaccine is used. ... learn more about smallpox vaccination, see our ...