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[vuh-jie-nuh] the passage leading from the vulva (the female genital organs on the outside of the body) to the uterus (the womb). See also vulva.

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Vaginal dryness

... Vaginal moisturizers are designed to help keep your vagina moist and
at a more normal acid balance (pH) for up to 2 to 3 days. ...


How is vaginal cancer treated?

... professionals. Some treatments are only used to treat pre-cancers of the
vagina (vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia, VAIN), such as: ...


What's new in vaginal cancer research and treatment?

... Surgeons are developing new operations for repairing the vagina after radical
surgery. Chemotherapy. Doctors have found that vaginal cancer does ...


Surgery for vaginal cancer

... In either case, there are 2 major ways to remove the uterus. Removing the
uterus through the vagina it is called a vaginal hysterectomy (or VH). ...


Chemotherapy for vaginal cancer

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What is vaginal cancer?

... a baby. Glands near the opening of the vagina secrete mucus to keep
the vaginal lining moist. Types of vaginal cancer. ...


Radiation therapy for vaginal cancer

... As it heals, scar tissue can form in the vagina. The scar tissue can make the
vagina shorter or more narrow (this is called vaginal stenosis). ...


What is cancer?

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Clinical trials for vaginal cancer

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