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[vul-vuh] the outside parts of a woman’s genitals, such as the labia, clitoris, and opening of the vagina. See also clitoris, labia, vagina.

Vulvar Cancer

... The vulva is the outer part of the female genitals. If you (or a loved one) are
worried about developing a vulvar cancer, have just been diagnosed ...


How is vulvar cancer treated?

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for vulvar cancer. How is vulvar cancer treated? ...


Surgery for cancer of the vulva (vulvectomy)

... Pelvic exenteration. Surgery for cancer of the vulva (vulvectomy). Cancer of
the vulva is sometimes treated by removing all or part of the vulva. ...


What's new in vulvar cancer research and treatment?

... is being done to find new ways to prevent and treat cancer of the vulva. ... cell
growth and how changes in these genes cause normal vulvar cells to ...


Treatment of vulvar melanoma

... of normal tissue (margins) is the usual treatment (see “Surgery for vulvar cancer ...
may rarely be used when the lesion extensively involves the vulva. ...


Treatment of vulvar adenocarcinoma

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Treatment of vulvar melanoma. Treatment of vulvar adenocarcinoma. ...


Chemotherapy for vulvar cancer

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therapy for vulvar cancer. Chemotherapy for vulvar cancer. ...


Surgery for vulvar cancer

... Because vulvar cancer often spreads to lymph nodes in the groin, these may
need ... skin) that was used to remove the cancer in the vulva was made ...


Topical therapy for vulvar cancer

... but is not used to treat invasive vulvar cancer. One choice is to apply the
chemotherapy drug, fluorouracil (5-FU), directly to the skin of the vulva. ...


Radiation therapy for vulvar cancer

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for vulvar cancer. Radiation therapy for vulvar cancer. ...