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 The theme of the 2014 Conference is “Advancing Survivorship Care through Multilevel Collaborations.”

This year’s theme reflects better outcomes for cancer survivors through research and public health practice since the inception of the Biennial Cancer Survivorship Research Conference in 2002. Continued and emerging needs in the field require the collective attention of researchers, practitioners, policymakers and advocates, working together to achieve progress. The conference will be driven by a key question, “What is needed to build an effective and efficient model of coordinated survivorship care that meets the diverse needs of all survivors?”

Attendees will learn about new and important research within the survivorship field that has employed and benefited from collaboration and coordination in various capacities. The conference theme will stimulate ideas for new and creative ways that individuals and agencies can work together to move the science forward and improve service delivery, health-related outcomes, and quality of life for cancer survivors. Building a coordinated system of survivorship care is integral to increasing the proportion of cancer survivors who are living 5 years or longer after diagnosis, and improving the psychosocial, and physical, well-being of all cancer survivors.

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The Conference will highlight research in the following areas:

For more information, please contact the ACS Behavioral Research Center via e-mail at      Survivorship.Conference@cancer.org 





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