Prescription Drug Assistance Programs

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Tips to save money on prescription drugs

When you buy medicines, keep in mind these ways to help cut costs:

  • Find out if your health plan offers mail-order pharmacy service. You can often get a 90-day supply of medicines mailed to you that will cost less because you pay 1 co-pay instead of 3.
  • Ask your doctor if generic drugs can be used to treat your health problems. Generics are proven equivalents to brand name drugs and often cost much less than brand name drugs. Some health plans charge lower co-pays for generic drugs.
  • Take all your medicines with you to each health care appointment, and review them with your doctor to see if you still need everything you are taking.
  • Use free samples with caution. Talk with your doctor about any future treatment plans before you accept them – they may lead to an expensive brand name prescription later.

If you are looking at getting a discount prescription card, here are some questions you should think about:

  • Are the prescription drugs you need covered by the discount card?
  • How much does the card discount your medicines?
  • Are the prices lower than other discounts (such as senior discounts) already offered by your pharmacy?
  • Is there a charge or fee for the card? If so, how much?
  • Are there processing fees for prescriptions?
  • Does your pharmacy accept the discount card?

Last Medical Review: 10/18/2013
Last Revised: 11/05/2013