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Guest Room provided by American Cancer Society

Program Details

Guest Room is a program of the American Cancer Society that provides lodging for cancer patients who are traveling in order to receive medical care related to a cancer diagnosis. This service is made possible by an agreement between the American Cancer Society and participating hotels, and, when available, rooms are provided for a significantly reduced cost, or, in some cases, for free. Program availability depends on hotel participation in the area. Call for more information.

This program is provided by the American Cancer Society.

Provider Details

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Missouri Guest Room Program


Texas Guest Room Program


Hawaii Guest Room Program


Kansas Guest Room Program


Nebraska Guest Room Program


Oklahoma Guest Room Program


Last Annual Review: 3/11/2014

Your American Cancer Society compiled this information as a public service. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list. Before attending a meeting, please verify the meeting time and date. Should you experience any difficulties or need additional assistance, please contact your American Cancer Society at

Date Provided: Sunday, January 25, 2015