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National Resource provided by AmpleHarvest.org

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AmpleHarvest.org, is an online directory of Food Pantries. The web site is designed to help food pantries in your community, where you can get food assistance, get garden fresh produce from local gardeners. This organization does not supply food directly to the public. There is a food pantry locator on the web site at http://ampleharvest.org/find-pantry/ or click on Find A Food Pantry, enter your location. Food pantry information will be provided for your area.

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Cost / Fees:Free

Last Annual Review: 11/3/2016

Your American Cancer Society compiled this information as a public service. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list. Before attending a meeting, please verify the meeting time and date. Should you experience any difficulties or need additional assistance, please contact your American Cancer Society at

Date Provided: Wednesday, January 18, 2017