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Support Group for People with Metastatic Cancer or Recurrent Cancer provided by A Time to Heal

Program Details

A Time to Heal offers support groups that are exclusively for people with metastatic or recurrent cancer. The groups have professional facilitators and focus on sharing information on how to live well, manage treatment side effects, cope with stresses of ongoing treatment, and create the best life possible while living with cancer. The groups are for men and women with any type of cancer. For more information, visit their website @ www.ATTH.org.

Provider Details

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A Time to Heal


A Time to Heal

Address: 7637 Grover Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68124

(402) 401-6083
Cost / Fees:Free
Eligibility:Metastatic cancer patient or survivor, family and caregivers
Handicap Accessible: Yes

Program Dates Program Times
varies varies
To find a group location nearest to you, please visit their website at www.ATTH.org, or email at: info@atth.org or call 402-401-6083

Last Annual Review: 2/19/2016

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Date Provided: Monday, January 16, 2017