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Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program provided by Tennessee Breast and Cervical Screening Program - Tennessee Department of Health

Program Details

The Breast and Cervical Screening Program provides breast and cervical cancer screening to eligible women and diagnostic follow up tests for those with suspicious results. Women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer or pre-cancerous conditions for these cancers are enrolled for treatment coverage through the state’s TennCare Program. All women for any service (screening, diagnosis, or treatment) must meet the general eligibility guidelines for the program. This program can be accessed through the local health department.

Provider Details

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Free Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program


Tennessee Breast and Cervical Screening Program - Tennessee Department of Health

Address: 425 5th Ave N
Cordell Hull Bldg, 6rd Floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37247

Contact: Program Staff
(877) 969-6636
Program Staff
(615) 741-7353
Cost / Fees:Free
Eligibility:Woman must call for an appointment and complete an application. Sliding scale fees are based on their income and size of household. To be eligible for the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program all women must meet the following general eligibility requirements: Age: between 40 and 64. Income: 250% FPL (Federal Poverty Level) or less. Insurance: uninsured or underinsured. Mammograms are only available for women 50-64. If a woman has family history of breast cancer she can receive screening services starting at age 40. Women 40 and older can receive Pap tests and other needed cervical services. Women younger than 40 who meet these general eligibility requirements can be enrolled for diagnosis and/or treatment services when they have suspicious results from screening services.
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Language(s):French ,German ,Spanish ,English ,Cantonese ,Creole ,Ilocano ,Hebrew ,Hmong ,Arabic ,Cambodian ,Hindi ,Greek ,Armenian ,Farsi ,Cape Verdean ,Czech ,Danish ,Dutch ,Edo ,Egyptian ,Finnish ,Hungarian ,Afrikaans ,Amharic ,Bahasa ,Bengali ,Bosnian ,Flemish ,Gujarati ,Gurage ,Hawaiian ,Croatian ,Chinese

Program Dates Program Times
Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Last Annual Review: 9/29/2016

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Date Provided: Monday, December 05, 2016