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National Resource provided by LIVESTRONG Foundation

Program Details

The LIVESTRONG Foundation connects individuals to the support they need, leverages funding and resources to spur innovation and engages communities and leaders to drive social change. Programs include, but not limited to: • LIVESTRONG Anti-Stigma Campaigns: Address the issue of stigma and silence associated with cancer by empowering cancer survivors and their families to share their cancer experiences with their communities. • LIVESTRONG Care Plan (http://livestrongcareplan.org): A program powered by OncoLink in conjunction with LIVESTRONG that provides information about the health risks involved with cancer therapies. • LIVESTRONG Challenge: Provider’s signature fundraising event. The series of walking, running and cycling events takes place in cities across the country. • LIVESTRONG Fertility: Provides reproductive information, fertility discount assistance, research and support for cancer patients whose treatments present the risk of infertility. • LIVESTRONG Guidebook: Information and worksheets to help cancer patients get organized from diagnosis through treatments. • LIVESTRONG Navigation Services at 855.220.7777 or online: Free, confidential support for anyone affected by cancer. • LIVESTRONG at School (http://www.scholastic.com/livestrong): Resources to help teachers and students learn how to support those living with cancer. • LIVESTRONG at the YMCA: Supports people affected by cancer in reaching their health and wellness goals. Available in more than 400 locations, this 12-week program, offered at little to no cost, is designed to help survivors improve their strength and quality of life. • LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance (http://criticalmass.org): A coalition of organizations dedicated to improving survival rates and quality of life for young adults with cancer.

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA locations can be found by entering a local zip code at http://www.livestrong.org/what-we-do/our-actions/livestrong-programs/ymca/

Provider Details

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Address: 2201 E Sixth St
Austin, Texas 78702

Contact:(855) 220-7777
Language(s):Spanish ,English

Last Annual Review: 3/9/2016

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Date Provided: Monday, January 16, 2017