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Pain Management provided by Massachusetts Pain Initiative

Program Details

The New England Pain Relief Program supports pain activities in all the New England states. The American Cancer Society has a list of information available for patients and families/caregivers related to pain and treatment issues. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont all have pain activities in their states - connected to education and advocacy efforts. The pain contacts listed by state can inform a caller of activities and resources in their state. Also, through www.cancer.org/pain, pain information about NE states can be accessed (MA, NH and ME all have their own websites which are linked through that site). Power Over Pain is a program which offers free pain educational presentations to communities. This is available currently in MA, CT and VT. Two different presentations are available which provide the general public, cancer patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals with information about what pain is, how to advocate for oneself and how to treat pain (one is public, one is professional).

Provider Details

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New England Pain Relief Program


Massachusetts Pain Initiative

Address: PO Box 164
Berlin, Massachusetts 01503

Contact:Kathy DellaPenna, MA Pain Initiative contact
(508) 270-4653
Peter Ames (New Hampshire), NH Pain Initiative contact
(603) 471-4110
Kelly Stoddard Poor (Vermont), VT Pain Initiative contact
(802) 872-6312 x3
Susan Roberts (Rhode Island), RI Pain Initiative contact
(401) 243-2620
Cheryl Tucker (Maine), ME Pain Initiative contact
(207) 373-3709
Cheryl.Tucker@cancer.org (mainehospicecouncil.org/mpi)
Bryte Johnson (Connecticut), Dir, Government Relations & Advocacy (CT)
(203) 379-4850
Cost / Fees:n/a
Eligibility:This program is open to the general public.

Program Dates Program Times
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Last Annual Review: 12/17/2012

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Date Provided: Saturday, August 23, 2014