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  Program Organization  
National Resource The Healthcare Hospitality Network, Inc. (HHN)  
  The Healthcare Hospitality Network, Inc. (HHN) is a nonprofit association of more than 180 nonprofit organizations located throughout the U.S. that provide family-centered lodging and support services to families and their loved ones receiving medical treatment far from their home communities. HHN promotes and assists not-for-profit programs (i.e. ...
Advocacy The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation  
  The HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and Anal Cancer Foundation aims to educate the public about anal cancer, to address the stigma associated with the disease, to advocate for prevention and improved early screening methods, to provide resources for patients, caregivers and members of the scientific and medical communities, and to invest in research ...
Assistance - Financial The Icla Da Silva Foundation  
  Provide financial aid to patients afflicted with blood related cancers, primarily leukemia. International Support: provide grants to other non-profit organizations supporting children with cancer in Central and South America countries to provide access of treatment.
Information and Referral Services The Icla Da Silva Foundation  
  Main goal is to provide information and emotional support to patients afflicted with blood related cancers. Refers patients to medical professionals and/or treatment centers for treatment, transplantation and/or second opinion. Assist patients and their families in the search for a compatible bone marrow/stem cell match. Assist patients and ...
Health Education The Icla Da Silva Foundation  
  - Provides education and awareness about the need to diversify the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) Registry and the process of registering as a potential donor and donation through radio, television, printed materials, videos, presentations and educational programs. - Staff and volunteers provide specialized outreach and education within ...
Health Education The Maurer Foundation for Breast Health Education  
  Breast Health Education Programs: 1) Traditional Youth Breast Health Program 2) Being Breast Smart (BBS) Clubs (formerly known as the Peer Education Program) 3) Campus and Community Breast Health Workshop 4) Corporate Wellness Breast Health Seminars and Webinars
National Resource The Max Foundation  
  The Max Foundation is a global health nonprofit organization. The mission of the foundation is to increase global access to treatment, care and support for people living with cancer. Services include, but not limited to: • Banding Together: A program for people anywhere in the world living with a blood cancer or rare cancer who have a contact in ...
Personal Items The Original Healing Threads  
  The Original Healing Threads are garments that are soft to keep you comfortable, warm to keep you cozy, functional to keep your privacy and dignity, and fashionable to keep your flair. They are Personal Patient Apparel, the alternative to the standard patient wear, providing modesty, dignity and empowerment to your individual medical journey. ...
National Resource The Pink Fund  
  The Pink Fund was formed to help breast cancer patients focus on healing, raising their families, and returning to the workplace. The Pink Fund will provide short term financial aid for a brief period of treatment and recovery. Payments are made directly to the patient’s creditors. 1. Short term is defined as a period of up to three consecutive ...
Assistance - General The Polish and Slavic Center  
  1) Immigrant Services: on site case worker will assist with translations, filling out applications, and obtaining medical benefits, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP - formally food stamps) and services. 2) Meals: congregate meals. Note: website is in Polish: http://www.polishslaviccenter.org/ - if you click on the little American ...

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