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Reach To Recovery American Cancer Society - Nebraska
  Reach to Recovery is a program that helps individuals cope with breast cancer through one-on-one peer support. It is offered at all points along the cancer continuum, from pre-diagnosis through the entire period when breast cancer remains a personal concern. The program pairs a breast cancer survivor with a recently diagnosed patient who has ...
Look Good Feel Better Program American Cancer Society - Omaha
  Look Good Feel Better is a free two-hour workshop for women undergoing cancer treatment. This program helps improve the self-image, appearance, and quality of life of patients by teaching beauty techniques to help cope with the temporary appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. This program is made possible through a collaboration of ...
Support - General Cancer A Time To Heal  
  All Cancers 12 week session holistic cancer survivorship program includes: light exercise information on rebuilding physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual strength demonstration and practice of a variety of relaxation and anxiety management techniques disussion with other cancer survivors and caregivers
Support - Other A Time to Heal  
  12-Week Holistic Wellness Recovery Program for men and women with any type of cancer and their caregivers. Whether you have finished treatment or will be continuing treatment,you are eligible for this program. You may be looking for ways to regain your strength but don’t want to spend precious energy and time researching how to rebuild your ...
Support - Other A Time to Heal  
  A Time to Heal offers support groups that are exclusively for people with metastatic or recurrent cancer. The groups have professional facilitators and focus on sharing information on how to live well, manage treatment side effects, cope with stresses of ongoing treatment, and create the best life possible while living with cancer. The groups are ...
Support - Other A Time to Heal  
  This 8-week program is for people who feel they aren’t as mentally sharp since cancer. Cancer diagnosis and treatment can leave you feeling like you are in a mental fog. If you feel like your memory, organization, coordination, and task management are not what they used to be, you are not losing your mind and you are not alone. The Brain Fog ...
Support - Lung American Lung Association  
  Provides a Guided group discussion for people with lung cancer and their family members or friends
Counseling Services Catholic Charities  
  Catholic Charities provides sliding scale cost support services for individuals, couples, and families in crisis or experiencing emotional or mental stress. Their therapists are licensed mental health practitioners prepared to respond to a range of life issues. Also, have programs to assist those dealing with substance abuse problems, and ...
Bereavement and Grief Services CHI Creighton Health Immanuel Medical Center  
  Alegent Creighton Health Surviving Bereavement- Life Continues program offers education and support for any bereavement. Program participants are provided with an opportunity to learn more about the grieving process and to receive support and understanding from others. It is recommended that you attend no sooner than 4-6 months after the death of ...
Support - Breast CHI Health Bergan Mercy  
  A support group for breast cancer patients, their families and/or caregivers. Call for more information.

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