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  Program Organization  
Bereavement and Grief Services New Hope Center for Grief Support  
  The New Hope Center for Grief Support is a bereavement outreach center that provides grief support services to adults, teens and children through groups, individual support, seminars and other resources.
Crisis Hotline Ozone House  
  Ozone House is a nonprofit agency that offers free shelter and crisis support services to young people and their families. Provider also has a crisis line that is available anytime of the day to support youth and those who care for them.
Wish Fulfillment Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation  
  Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation provides toys and/or gifts to cancer patients from birth up to age 18. Provider operates through children's cancer treatment centers and allows patients to select an age appropriate toy as a reward for having the courage to undergo cancer treatments and procedures.
Counseling Services Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center  
  Sacred Heart is a nonprofit behavioral health organization and offers a wide range of counseling and behavioral health services for individuals, couples, and families in crisis or experiencing emotional or mental stress. Provider has outpatient and residential facilities throughout Michigan. To find services near you, please call 1-888-802-7472.
Camps Special Days Camps  
  Camping experience provided to children living with cancer
Support - General Cancer St Joseph Mercy - Chelsea  
  St Joseph Mercy - Chelsea is hosting a monthly cancer support group as an opportunity for adults with cancer and any of their family, friends or support people to discuss common concerns, learn coping techniques and share feelings with others. The support group is free and individuals can join at any time during or after treatment for support, ...
Support - Prostate St Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor  
  The Prostate Cancer Support Group at St Joseph Mercy Hospital is a self-help group for men who have experienced prostate cancer.
Support - General Cancer St Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor  
  Offering a discussion support group to anyone diagnosed with cancer, their families and friends. Group provides an opportunity to discuss common experiences and concerns, exchange information and share feelings with others who really understand. Open to patients/families who are receiving treatment from any cancer center.
Support - Head and Neck St Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor  
  Offering support to patients affected by Head and Neck cancers. Family, caregivers, friends are welcome to attend meetings.
Support - Other St Joseph Mercy Health System  
  Offering a support group to individuals with amputations. Sessions include an educational presentation, group discussions and light refreshments

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