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Smoking Cessation and Tobacco - Programs and Services CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center  
  Commit to Quit is The Cardiac Center's smoking cessation program, conducted in a group counseling format. The 7-week Commit to Quit program assists participants in changing behaviors, identifying and utilizing tools to assist in the quit process, and quitting smoking for good. Attendees are encouraged (but not required) to gradually cut back on ...
Smoking Cessation and Tobacco - Programs and Services Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center  
  The Quit Smart Smoking Cessation Program is designed to help smokers stop smoking and learn how to prevent future relapses in only four sessions. Topics covered in the program include tracking tobacco use, medical/physical aspects of quitting, quitting strategies, discussion of habit versus addiction, stress & weight management techniques, ...
Smoking Cessation and Tobacco - Programs and Services Nebraska Medical Center  
  One-on-one counseling is available with a trained pharmacist, 4-5 times for 30 minutes each session, to people who want to learn techniques to stop smoking. Fee is $75.

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