Joseph S. and Jeannette M. Silber “Cleveland Hope” Lodge

Rules and Information

    Main Phone Number:216-844-4673

    Mailing Address: 11432 Mayfield Rd. Cleveland, OH 44106

    Check In Times: New Guests: 10a-12n, 1-3p or 5-7p.

    Repeat guests: 10a-7p

Check Out times: 10a-12n.

    Office Hours: 9a-9p daily. Staff are available the remaining hours of the day for emergencies only. Staff will place a sign at the front desk indicating how to contact them in the event they must be away from the front desk.

    Hope Lodge eligibility: The patient must be 18 years or older, be in active cancer treatment, be accompanied by an adult caregiver, live 40 miles/ one hour commute away, have a permanent address, and be referred by a social worker or treating team member that has been oriented at the Hope Lodge. If a patient is moved to sub-acute or rehabilitative services, etc. and no longer in active treatment, the patient no longer remains eligible for a stay at ACS Hope Lodge. Check out from the Lodge is up to 24 hours after discharge from treatment. If you are medically required to remain in the Cleveland area, you must have the social worker/ nurse who referred you to the Lodge to verify this requirement.

    Caregivers: All caregivers are required to check in and check out with staff for each stay they have with the patient. A form is provided during the check in process and are provided on the front desk of the Lodge for those patients with multiple caregivers who making be “taking turns” being with the patient. The current caregiver is responsible for providing the next caregiver with an orientation of the Hope Lodge.

    Minimum Stay: New guests must stay a minimum of 3 nights/ 2 days to be eligible for a stay at the Hope Lodge. Returning guests may stay a minimum of one night, once a room has been confirmed.

    Leaving the Hope Lodge for 24 hours or more: Please inform staff when you are away from the Hope Lodge more than a 24 hour period and inform staff when you return. Rooms must be utilized 4 nights/ 5 days per week. This arrangement allows patient undergoing 5 days a week treatment such as radiation to go home for the weekend while maintaining their residency status at Hope Lodge during the week.

    Visitors and Children: All Hope Lodge visitors must sign in at the front desk. All visitors are required to check out upon their departure. Children visiting the Cleveland Hope Lodge must have prior approval from the Manager or Assistant Manager. All children are required to be under adult supervision at all times. Children are not permitted to stay overnight. No visitors are permitted after 9pm.

    Building Security: The Cleveland Hope Lodge entrances are locked. Guests are not permitted to open the doors for anyone that you do not know.

    The overall upkeep of Hope Lodge is the guests’ responsibility. This includes but is not limited to: emptying the trash (including the laundry rooms) and replacing the liners, loading/starting (not all at the same time)/unloading dishwashers and placing items in the labeled cupboards, sweeping/ mopping/ vacuuming the floors, dusting.

    Kitchen and dining room etiquette: When cooking in the kitchen, at least one person should remain in the kitchen at all times. Stoves and ovens cannot be left unattended. All trash (kitchen and guest rooms) should be taken to the dumpster in the parking lot. All dishes should be rinsed completely and loaded into the dishwasher. Please load your dishes into the dishwasher that it is the fullest, or almost ready to run. If your dishes make the dishwasher full enough to run, please start it on the normal cycle.

Use only your designated food pantry/ fridge/ freezer.

    Do not take any food items to the guest room except water.

    Prohibited items include: Tobacco products, alcohol, firearms, concealed weapons, candles, incense, or other flammable materials. Do not consume/display tobacco products in ACS Hope Lodge or University Hospitals nor on the grounds. Live plants or flowers: Are not permitted in the facility, nor are windows of the Hope Lodge to be opened due to the health risks they pose to the immune compromised patients.

    Internet access: The Cleveland Hope Lodge provides 5 guest computers. Please be courteous in limiting your time on the computer so that other guests may utilize the computers. Wireless internet is available in the common areas on the first and second floor. The password is posted near the desktop computers.

    Communication is key: The American Cancer Society wants you to have a positive experience while at the Cleveland Hope Lodge. We wish for your stay to be comfortable. Be a good Hope Lodge citizen by following the rules and policies. Please talk with the Manager or Assistant Manager regarding any concerns that you may have.

Residency at a Hope Lodge facility is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of American Cancer Society. All individuals who meet the Hope Lodge eligibility requirements will be welcomed regardless of race, creed, citizenship, physical disability, gender, color, ethnic heritage, veteran status, economic status, or sexual orientation. For admissions information, please select a Hope Lodge location.