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American Cancer Society Hope Lodge
Nationwide Supporters

The American Cancer Society's Hope Lodges are able to provide a free, supportive place to call "home" during treatment through the generosity of so many donors who are impacting patient's lives during a difficult time.

The ACS is very fortunate to have two nationwide supporters, The Simmons Bedding Company and The Whirlpool Corporation, who have invested into making each Hope Lodge a true "home away from home." Donations from these two companies have saved the American Cancer Society millions of dollars, which has allowed ACS to direct more funds into Hope Lodges and provide other services for cancer patients and their caregivers.

Since 2004, The Simmons Bedding Company has provided nearly $1million of mattresses and bedding to Hope Lodges across the country. A good night's sleep is essential to the healing process and Simmons' generosity in providing high quality, comfortable bedding has made that a reality for cancer patients and their caregivers.

"I remember the beds. We were sitting there all day and all night in those awkward hospital chairs, so coming back to the Hope Lodge and its amazingly comfortable beds really helped us get our rest."
- guest, Cincinnati Hope Lodge

"It was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in - the abundance of pillows were much appreciated and enabled a tolerable, position that allowed deep, healing sleep.- guest , Grand Rapids Hope Lodge 

For more information about the Simmons Bedding Company, please visit www.simmons.com


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Since 2007, the Whirlpool Corporation has generously donated more than $800,000 in appliances to Hope Lodges, replacing equipment in existing Hope Lodges and providing state-of-the-art appliances to new Hope Lodges. Being able to prepare the foods guests enjoy is comforting and having high quality appliances available makes the Hope Lodge feel like home.

"Because of Whirlpool's generosity, I was able to prepare meals for my husband while he goes through treatments. Thank you so much for the wonderful appliances - they truly make cooking a joy!"
- guest, Charleston Hope Lodge

"I hear the clinking of silverware being loaded into a dishwasher, people talking in the kitchen while preparing dinner, the whir of the washing machine ... Hope Lodge sounds like home - that's what gives me so much comfort
- guest, Marshfield Hope Lodge

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For more information on the Whirlpool Corporation, please visit www.whirlpool.com