Jane Johnson 187x190

Colon Cancer Survivor: ‘Don’t Put Off Cancer Testing’

"I've told all my siblings and all my friends to get their mammograms and colonoscopies, and not to put it off. If I can get one more person to get that test they need, I'm saving a life."
Rose Manbachi

Melanoma Survivor Gets Help, Shares Hope

"As scary as it was, I always tried to stay strong and positive. Cancer can go wherever it wants. I can't stop it, but it can't take my attitude and it can't take my faith. I was determined to stay strong and fight until I couldn't do it anymore."
Tim and Timmy Francuz

Brain Tumor Survivor Finds Ways to be Positive

"If I can help just one person enlighten themselves or feel better or change for the positive, it's all worth it."


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