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Sherry Thomas Stories of Hope

Cancer Survivor Volunteers with a Happy Tune

"Every person who comes here is so appreciative and can't stop talking about what a great place Hope Lodge is. I enjoy volunteering here, and the staff is wonderful."
Kellie Williams SOH

Community Steps Up to Support Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

"I'm surrounded by strangers who showed me so much love it made me want to give back in ways I never thought I would."
Kathy Harris and Skylar SOH

Breast and Lung Cancer Survivor Says Life is Worth Fighting For

"I spent 2 weeks in the hospital depressed and crying until my doctor said to me, 'You can do 1 of 2 things. You can sit here and cry and moan or you can take back your life and be strong and positive.' I took his advice and I became stronger. I became positive."