All Stories of Hope

Carol Lacey

Cervical Cancer Survivor Counts the ‘Sunny Days’

"I have been here before, but I always embrace it because it's still another sunny day; it's still another step forward."
Jamie Swift

Survivor: ‘I wasn’t supposed to have kidney cancer. But I did!’

"I have actually struggled with identifying as a cancer survivor, but over the past year I've realized I AM a cancer survivor. The emotional journey of cancer affects us all, even if we aren't on the typical journey of chemo and radiation."
Ruthe Cain

Lung Cancer Survivor Faces Life’s Challenges Head-on

"I'm so blessed and proud to be living this beautiful life, impaired as it is. I wake up and even if I'm going to do nothing that day, I'm just happy. I am a woman. I am strong. All I can say is, 'bring it on.'"