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Lung Cancer Survivor Finds Help Through Clinical Trial

"Patients in clinical trials are the heroes. They are going into battle trying something not tried before. They could be worse off and could even die. They follow the call out of necessity and some of them survive and some don't and that's the nature of being a hero."
Gregg Carr

Lung Cancer Survivor Lifts Spirits With Faith and Laughter

"I look for what's good coming out of this. No matter how bad I've got it, others have it worse. We're not going to live forever, so we should make the most of it. Do what you can to help your fellow man."
Frances and Jim Busta

Cancer Caregiver and Survivor Proves that the Right Help Makes a Big Difference

"The more I learned that I was going to be doing everything, the more I learned to let certain things go. That chore? That'll be there. The best thing I can do is spend time with him."