Cancer in Adolescents

Daniel Mar - Stories of Hope

Young Man Shares Hopeful Message Before Ewing Sarcoma Returns

"I'm going to take this horrible experience and turn it into a positive for other people. It's hard for people in the hospital, and I'm going to make it better. I want to make a difference, and leave the world better than I found it."
Craig King SOH

Bone Cancer Survivor Becomes Leader in Education

"We have a lot to celebrate and we have a lot to fight for. As long as people are suffering from cancer, I know I have a purpose."
SoH CraigKing.JPG

A Career Back on Track, Despite Bone Cancer

"I love to share my story. In high school, I didn't know anything about cancer, and it's so important for our young people to know about the symptoms and what to look for. It's the last thing that you think about."