Cervical Cancer

Krista Marx Stories of Hope

Fighting Cancer Gets Personal for Cervical Cancer Survivor

"The more I learned about the work of the American Cancer Society, the more passionate I became about Relaying, because you never know whose life is going to be saved."
Cynthia Dickson Stories of Hope

Cervical Cancer Survivor Says Early Detection Saved Her Life

"I feel like I can help make a difference as we work toward a cure to keep my children and grandchildren from hearing those three dreaded words: 'You have cancer.'"
kari martin

Survivor of Breast and Cervical Cancer Finds Positive Outlook

"I want women to know I am living proof there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope, and life will get back to normal. I do not let the thought of recurrence run my life; I live my life and thank God for every day."