Ewing Family Of Tumors

Eileen Fateaux

Ewing Sarcoma Survivor Plans to Enter the Medical Field

"People look in the mirror, and you see yourself. You have this picture of yourself, and when that picture gets taken away, that's when you have to be strong and not need a mirror to know who you are."
Alexandra Ojeda  SOH

Ewing Sarcoma Survivor Has Big Dreams

"I feel my problem was just God's way of letting me know my role in this planet. I am alive because I am meant to help those parents and children who might be affected by this painful and awful disease."
Daniel Mar - Stories of Hope

Young Man Shares Hopeful Message Before Ewing Sarcoma Returns

"I'm going to take this horrible experience and turn it into a positive for other people. It's hard for people in the hospital, and I'm going to make it better. I want to make a difference, and leave the world better than I found it."