Kidney Cancer

Brian Waddington SOH

Attitude Is Everything to This Three-Time Kidney Cancer Survivor

"When you get cancer, you've got no choice. You have to face it. But you do get to control your boundaries and control your attitude. You get to ask, 'How do I want to feel?' I can live my life, or I can feel very sorry for myself. I certainly know which choice I'm taking."
Casey Leach and Nurses

Survivors: Words of Inspiration

"I have a second chance at life. If I really want to do something I am going to go and do it and not put it off." - Casey Leach
Allison Aab 3

Cancer Survivors: Words of Inspiration

"Scars may heal, blood counts may normalize, years may pass. But never again will the simple act of waking up to a normal, boring day as a healthy individual be taken for granted, nor go unappreciated." - Allison A., Cairo, Egypt