Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Howard Tolchin Birthday

Brain Tumor Survivor Puts a Positive Spin on Treatment

"If you saw me right now, you would never know I had any type of problem. A cancer diagnosis is NOT a death sentence. My wife and I are living proof. I had a brain tumor, I had lymphoma, I had lung cancer, and I'm still here."
Nina Louie

Lymphoma Survivor: ‘The World is so Kind’

"Letting people into my private moments has truly helped. When I opened the door, the world embraced me and my struggle. It gave me so much strength and purpose in my pain. It was very inspiring and empowering."
Scott and Sue Baker

Four-time Lymphoma Survivor: ‘Cancer Made Me a Better Man’

"Cancer really gave me perspective, patience, and gratitude. Being able to see someone else's perspective means your life gets a lot better."